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Please Send me Any of Your Photo's so I Can put Them in the Album For All to Enjoy.

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Wedding Photograph of Steven and Daphne Ferguson.



From Left to Right Steven, Daphne William and Catherine Ferguson.


Left to Right :- Elizabeth (lizzie), Daphne and Herbert.

This Photo was Taken on the 10-4-1937 on the Front Lawn of the House Vernon and Anna Stay in Today at Minnaar Str, Forest Hill


Steve and Daph on Honeymoon ?


Daph with Cigarette.


Daph Holding Aileen at Haarminskraal Station.

1938 Approx


Daph Seated


"Cheers" Daphne at a Christmas Day Gathering.


Deryk, Roy, Aileen, Reg, Daph and Rog.

Daph's 70th Birthday.


Daphne, Roger, Deryk, Reg, Roy and Stephen Ferguson.

Durban, Xmas Day 1955


Back William, Peggy, Daph, Steve, ? and ?

Front:-Trevor, Norma, Hilary, Neil, ? and ?

Durban, Xmas Day 1955


Trevor, Hilary Norma and Neil

Durban, Xmas Day 1955


Daph's 70 th Birthday with Vernon and Herbert


From Left to Right:- "Mal" Piet, Johnny Shelly and Vernon.

Mal Piet as his Name implies was a Bit Mad, Johnny Shelly Got Polio as a Child and Could not Walk Without the Aid of Crutches, Notice the

Sir John Ademson High School Uniform Vernon is Wearing. I Think this Photo was taken at a House in Valda Str, Townsview.

Johnny Stayed with Steve and Daph as a Boarder for Many Years Until He Got Married to Mimps.


Steve, Johnny and Mimps.

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