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An Article Which Appeared in the ELLE Magazine in September 2000

About Glenn Who is Now a Qualified Dr. of Homoeopathy

and Acupuncture.


Some of Julie's Work, Who is a Graphic Designer

Guess Who's Holding the Ski Board!!!

Some More of Julie's Work, Appears in the April 2001 Cosmopolitan


Reg, Naureen, Terry-Anne and Crestin

Maureen, Josie, Daphne, Kerry-Anne and Lee

Gary, Fey and Dale

Cheryl, Aurther, Craig and Group Photo Xmas 1981


Back Row:- Denise holding Shane, Terry-Anne, Craig, Kim and Lee Holding Sean

Middle Row:- Gary, Kevin and ?

Front :- Dean




Lee 1969 ---- Kim and Terry-Anne 1970


Xmas 1987 Shona, Michelle and Tyrran


Xmas 1985 Rogers Shop


Fred and Norma's Wedding 6-5-1972


Todd, Shona and Michelle Carter Rd, 1982


Denise and Daphne Carter Rd


Gary and Lee's Wedding 1-11-1975 Back :-Kim,?, Gary, Lee, ?, Terry-Anne

Front:- ?, Michelle, Samantha and Shona


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