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At Roy's Farm New Year's Day 1988

Back Left:- Naureen, Maureen (BeBe), Clyde, Richard, Todd, Dale, Reg and ?

Front:- Glenn, Grant, Maureen, Fey, Shona and Roger Holding Ryne


Roy's Farm 1983, Look at the Size of this Python, Shane and Roy


1983 you could do a lot with your Money those Day's


1984 Chocolate Box Front, Little Boy Sitting is Travis


News Article about Craig's Gold Swimming Medal


Glenn 1985


Muscle Men 1984, Back:- Clyde, Grant and Glenn

Front:- Travis, Todd, Michelle Holding Patrick and Shona Holding Fey


1984 Todd and Clyde


Typical African Sunset Taken by Daphne who loved the Wildlife and Bushveld


Roger and Naureen's Wedding 3-12-1983


Rag Dolls Made by Daphne for Xmas 1985, With the help of Carole, Aileen and BeBe


Dale and Reg 10th July 1977


Deryk Xmas 1977


Xmas Afternoon 1977, Roger took some Kids for a Drive (Bundu Bashing)

and overturned his Nomad, Luckily no one was hurt at all.

Pic on Right, From the Left:- Roger, Neil, Gary, Bruce Smith , Herbert Smith, Wayne Smith, Trevor and Reg


1979 First T.V. Game, They have come along way since then


Gary and Carole on there Wedding Day 1979