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Please Send me Any of Your Photo's so I Can put Them in the Album For All to Enjoy.

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From Left to Right:- The Smith Brothers Edward (Ted), Harry, Herbert and Norman.


Norman and Doris on There Wedding Day 3-3-1943


Edward (Ted), Rene and Ann Smith on the Beach.


Edward (Ted) in his Navy Uniform.


Wedding Photograph of Steven and Daphne Ferguson.



From Left to Right Steven, Daphne William and Catherine Ferguson.


Left to Right :- Elizabeth (lizzie), Daphne and Herbert.

This Photo was Taken on the 10-4-1937 on the Front Lawn of the House Vernon and Anna Stay in Today at Minnaar Str, Forest Hill


Steve and Daph on Honeymoon ?


Daph with Cigarette.


Daph Holding Aileen at Haarminskraal Station.

1938 Approx


Daph Seated


"Cheers" Daphne at a Christmas Day Gathering.


Deryk, Roy, Aileen, Reg, Daph and Rog.

Daph's 70th Birthday.


Daphne, Roger, Deryk, Reg, Roy and Stephen Ferguson.

Durban, Xmas Day 1955


Vernon Smith's 50th Birthday Party

From Left to Right:- Richard, Allison, Duncan, Calvin, Anna, Candace and Vernon.


Vernon and "East Jarva"


Daph's 70 th Birthday with Vernon and Herbert


Daph's 70th Birthday.

Left to Right:- Aurther Hamelton, Vernon, Christie, Grace and Edward (Ted)


From Left to Right:- "Mal" Piet, Johnny Shelly and Vernon.

Mal Piet as his Name implies was a Bit Mad, Johnny Shelly Got Polio as a Child and Could not Walk Without the Aid of Crutches, Notice the

Sir John Ademson High School Uniform Vernon is Wearing. I Think this Photo was taken at a House in Valda Str, Townsview.

Johnny Stayed with Steve and Daph as a Boarder for Many Years Until He Got Married to Mimps.


Steve, Johnny and Mimps.

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