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An Article Which Appeared in the ELLE Magazine in September 2000

About Glenn Who is Now a Qualified Dr. of Homoeopathy

and Acupuncture.


Some of Julie's Work, Who is a Graphic Designer

Guess Who's Holding the Ski Board!!!

Some More of Julie's Work, Appears in the April 2001 Cosmopolitan


Reg, Naureen, Terry-Anne and Crestin

Maureen, Josie, Daphne, Kerry-Anne and Lee

Gary, Fey and Dale

Cheryl, Aurther, Craig and Group Photo Xmas 1981


Back Row:- Denise holding Shane, Terry-Anne, Craig, Kim and Lee Holding Sean

Middle Row:- Gary, Kevin and ?

Front :- Dean




Lee 1969 ---- Kim and Terry-Anne 1970


Xmas 1987 Shona, Michelle and Tyrran


Xmas 1985 Rogers Shop


Venetia 1970 Bellavista


Todd, Shona and Michelle Carter Rd, 1982


Denise and Daphne Carter Rd


Gary and Lee's Wedding 1-11-1975 Back :-Kim,?, Gary, Lee, ?, Terry-Anne

Front:- ?, Michelle, Samantha and Shona


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